La voix des Andes sur NETFLIX

Posted on Juil 25, 2013

Diffusion du film La voix des Andes sur Netflix Etats-Unis.

Le titre du film ainsi que son visuel ont été modifié par le distributeur international et le distributeur américain, les recettes sont minimes et n’ont pas à ce jour été redistribuées aux auteurs du film. La seule satisfaction est de savoir que le film a été vu par des millions de spectateurs américains.


Dear Stephane,
I recently had the pleasure of watching your film « Voices of the Andes » (found it by chance on Netflix).
I could not resist writing to express my appreciation and admiration for the film.  I absolutely loved it.  To be more specific, I found it contemplative, mesmerizing, poetic (as claimed in the Netflix blurb), and inspiring.  Also beautifully photographed and masterfully edited.  What I might call the spiritual sensibility behind the masterful editing and conception of the work achieved a degree of artistry that was uplifting.
I admire the absence of zooms in your film, silly as it may sound for me to say so. Also, I was surprised at how well voice-over statements by your interviewees worked, which is to say, it was a bit of a revelation to see that their presence on camera was not as necessary as I might have assumed.  Not, perhaps, the most logistically difficult technique, but used to very nice effect.
Thank you for making that film!
Best regards,
Steve S.
Maplewood, N