(article from Voix Nomades)

" Born on November 12th, 1968 in the South of France, Stephane Pachot makes his first steps in music at the age of 16.
Objector to the educational system, he approaches very fast the artistic creation in self-taught.
His growing passion for creation pushes him towards drawing, painting, sculpture, then photography in the late 80's.
After a brief passage to the art college of Avignon, he begins his professional life in Paris as fashion photographer. He returns on one year later to his native South to privilege a quality of life while working as photographer.

In 1990 he discovers the cinema on the mythical shooting of the film "Les Amants du pont Neuf" from Leos Carax, where he works as manager trainee then assistant manager.

It is then the period of the journeys that begins, in 91, with a long crossing of the United States. An initiatory journey which gives him the taste of the adventure and the meeting.

In 93, he works as cameraman on a documentary series, " Les chateaux de la Loire " for a Quebec production. He will follow the team in Quebec, and he works there as composer of advertising musics and cameraman for a local channel.

Of return in France, in Avignon, Stéphane Pachot dashes into the video direction, with a first video clip and short fiction films. He works with a group of passionate persons within a local association.

In 1996, return in the United States, in New York, to direct its first 16mm short film "Unlucky". The film was produced within the framework of a training in New York film Academy.

The following year, new New York experience for the shooting of " Looking for woody ", a short film which he co-direct with 6 other companions. He also signs the editing and the music soundtrack. This very original film, constituted only by still pictures and sound recordings will have a noticed release and will be broadcast on several TV channels around the world.

At the end of the 90s, his professional activity turns to the institutional and advertising film. He will so realize more than 50 films for agencies of communication.
With this audiovisual experience, Stephane Pachot also exploits his educational capacities as trainer for schools of cinema and private companies in France and abroad.

Between 1998 and 2001, during numerous stayings in Austria, he realizes a film for the Austrian national education, and works as editor in Vienna for internet television.

In 1999, meeting with the company of theater " The Black Ears ". He works on the promotion of the troop (photos, films, web site), and collaborates with the Gaite Montparnasse theater in Paris. Realization of posters and creation of the web site of the theater.

In 2001 Stéphane Pachot leaves to Brazil then to the Lebanon with the director Degaulle Eid for the shooting of the film " Cursed be the exile ", a 52 minutes fiction documentary. Co-author of the film, he also realizes the frame and the editing. The film will be bought by TV5 who schedules one hundred of broadcastings on the 5 continents.

Between 2002 and 2004, Stephane Pachot composes successively 2 musics TV commercials (announcers: ANIBI and ACTIS), broadcasted on all the French channels.
At the same time he dashes into the production of a first album to concretize 15 years of music.

In 2004, meet with Gilbert Conil of the company "entreimages" for which he works as director, artistic director and webmaster.

In January, 2006, release of Stephane Pachot's 1st album under the name of YODACITY, "far and back" is an intimist and poetic album.
Creation of the label Selfish Music.

Today, crossed boss in the art to juggle with various supports of artistic expression, he is interested more and more in internet as means to communicate otherwise. A research work which the ammène to develop " documentary Web " to express its poetic vision of the world... "

S.J. parution "Voix Nomades"


Fluent English and French

Membrer of the SACEM, SACD, and the SCAM.


Author, director, composer.
Artistic director.
Photographer, cameraman, editor.


photo argentique et numérique.
Développement et infographie.
Caméra 16/35 mm et tous formats vidéo.
Spécialiste systèmes 35/DV.
Montage traditionnel et virtuel.
Prise de son.
Mixage et étalonnage.


Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Cubase, Logic Pro, Suite Final Cut Pro....